Don’t Bring The Wife To These Shopping Places!

If you wish to bottle your marriage, and you wish to still be able to buy something if you appear home from vacation, here’s a account of places you should abstain at all costs.

Why? Because they will actually be, at your COST.


Ahh Paris. What babe doesn’t adulation Paris? And Paris does adulation the babe – getting accustomed as the a lot of adventurous abode in the world, it can be your admission to a adored marriage, or a debt you accept to pay for life. Every fashionista wants to appointment this place, afterwards all, this is area it all began – Chanel’s little atramentous dress, assorted movies to body “la vie en rose”, and about every artist you charge to apperceive has a abundance in the city-limits of lights. It doesn’t end there, from gluttonous delights, to flea markets (from the big-ticket to the not so big-ticket ones), you will acquisition aggregate your wifey will adulation in Paris. Fast, abolish from your amusement list!

Exchange Rate: 1 Euro = 1.48200 USD


La dolce Vita baby! If every fashionista wants to go to Paris, every Fashion Editor is on the even to Milan for Fashion week. Anybody wants absolute Italian leather? Sure, but accord me that acclaim card. Whether you addition it in Milan and Rome, I’m appealing abiding the wifey will be able to grab a few accoutrements even afore you accomplishment that alcohol from Robert De Niro’s Resto Nobu in Italy (yes there’s one in Milan). Aside from artist brands, accouterments by Frank Gehry at Alessi, and an array of books and adornment can be begin in one of their acclaimed anchorage markets. Luxury even at the wharf.

Bonus for the men: so in case you do accompany your wife, you can say you bought something for yourself – Brioni, the easily abaft James Bond’s 007 admirable tuxes can be begin actuality – so get yourself one afore your money runs out!

Exchange Rate: 1 Euro = 1.48200 USD


We all apperceive how big-ticket it gets to be in London (they accept a queen! they accept a butler!), so if you’re in your appropriate apperception abstain if you haven’t adored up for a arcade spree. Now if you do assert on going, London is home to the ever-famous Harrods. Celebrities accept been accepted to be such loyal assemblage of the abundance (with some even closing up the abundance for an hour for some buy-me-time); singer-songwriter Lilly Allen opened Harrods Winter Sale for endure year. Aside from Harrods, you can aswell abstain Camden Market, the top streets of London, and Savile Row in Mayfair for their “traditional bespoke tailors” that accept been in actuality back the 1700’s.

Exchange Rate: 1 Great British Pound = 1.96471 USD


Our account goes to the far off regions of Asia, decidedly Shanghai. From getting the asleep boondocks it was years ago, this city-limits has now apparent a new adulation for shopping. Often alleged the world’s a lot of catholic city, it boasts of Plaza 66 area you’ll acquisition your wife’s accepted adulation for artist items on a top – Prada, Chanel, Gucci, and so abundant more! She will be on a arcade overdrive I acquaint you. If she cares to buy something added oriental, again cottony slippers ability annoyance her absorption (and they don’t appear bargain my friend). Porcelain, Tibetan Jewerly, Pearls, and antiques as able-bodied as Jade & Gold are accessible in this city. Looking to relax? Accept some tea while you analysis your costs and anticipate of how you’ll pay for them.

Exchange Rate: 1 CNY (China Yuan Renminbi) = .139821 USD

Now these places may yield a assessment on your acclaim agenda bills, and you’ll apparently accept to absorb added time at plan now to pay off your debts, but at the end of the day, no amount how big-ticket arcade may be in these cities, annihilation beats the admirable smile of your wife afterwards a day of arcade – and my, how she’ll be thanking you tonight for that? Priceless.

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